PERLASTIC® protective coatings are asphalt based, modified emulsion linings that can be applied as a spray or using a brush, roller, or trowel. PERLASTIC technology provides long term protection to tanks, equipment, and facilities from the costly effects of corrosion brought about by chemical exposure.


  • FAST INSTALLATION:  PERLASTIC products are specifically formulated to adhere directly to rust without the need for sandblasting. In most cases, power-washing is the only surface preparation that is required.
  • NO VOC's:  Because PERLASTIC products contain no VOC’s, they are safe to apply in confined spaces.  
  • SUPERIOR PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:  PERLASTIC is applied at 60 mils (80 mils for immersion) providing superior elongation, which ensures a monolithic barrier to prevent further oxidation.
  • EXCEPTIONAL ON-SITE SERVICE AND SUPPORT:  CETCO can provide turnkey installations with on-site guidance and quality control using your own contractors or our certified applicators.
  • QUALITY TESTING ASSISTANCE:  CETCO can perform tests with your site-specific chemicals. The results will be provided to you to help determine the proper solution for your corrosion protection needs.

Stick it to Rust

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